Come along on the journey!


My educational journey to where I am today.


Myself with a Saw-whet owl

I attended elementary, middle, and high school in Deerfield, Wisconsin. I graduated from Deerfield High school in May of 2007. In August of the same year, I began attending the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. I majored in Natural Resource Management and minored in Environmental Education and Interpretation. I graduated with my bachelors of science in December of 2013.

While attending UW- Stevens Point, I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to Europe during the summer of 2009. I went to Poland, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania to learn about the natural resources, renewable energy practices, and cultural diversity of these countries.

Climbing a glacier in Iceland

Climbing a glacier in Iceland

During my last semester at UWSP, I had the opportunity to take two practicum courses. One of the practicum courses I took gave me the opportunity to create and present interpretive programs to the public. For this course, I was also part of a group that wrote and performed a play entitled “Nature’s Recyclers”. The play was about different organisms that break down or recycle materials. I played the role of “Dexter”, the dermestid beetle.


The cast and crew of “Nature’s Recyclers”

The other practicum course focused on gaining teaching experience. The Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES) is a former boy scout camp that is owned by the University. I got to write lesson plans, and teach those lessons to a number of different school groups that visited CWES, as well as to the students of the Tomorrow River Community Charter School, the first Waldorf-inspired school in Wisconsin. It was an excellent experience, and I learned a great deal from it.


Teaching the Tomorrow River Community Charter School about Compass usage and Orienteering


During my educational career at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, I have been involved in various student organizations such as Women in Natural Resources (WiNR), Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Earth Week Planning Committee, and Students for Ecological Restoration (SER).

Planting White Pine trees for Earth Day 2012


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